Interview with Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National

24 November 2014

FRAN KELLY: The final sitting fortnight for this year begins today in the Federal Parliament today and the Abbott Government is facing the prospect of heading into Christmas with fairly large chunks of its first Budget still to be legislated. But the Coalition has scored a policy win with its sale of Medibank Private which […]

Interview with Chris Uhlmann, ABC AM

20 November 2014

CHRIS UHLMANN: Mathias Cormann is the Finance Minister, good morning. MATHIAS CORMANN: Good morning. CHRIS UHLMANN: Mathias Cormann, what difference will changing back to the old financial laws make to consumers? MATHIAS CORMANN: It will push up the cost of advice and it will lessen competition unless we are able to address what happened last […]

Doorstop, Press Gallery Parliament House, Canberra

29 October 2014

JOURNALIST: How is adding a temporary tariff on petrol easing the cost of living on Australians? MATHIAS CORMANN: What we have announced yesterday is a revised implementation arrangement for a measure that we announced in the Budget. It will have a modest impact on households. A typical household using about 50 litres of fuel a […]

Interview with Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National

29 October 2014

FRAN KELLY: The surprise move yesterday to increase fuel excise by circumventing the Senate. The Finance Minister Mathias Cormann is in our Parliament House studios. Minister, good morning. MATHIAS CORMANN: Good morning. FRAN KELLY: The Prime Minister last night set a five year time frame for economic reform. Does that mean you want a higher […]

Interview with David Koch, Sunrise, Channel 7

29 October 2014

DAVID KOCH: The Government has been labelled "gutless, dishonest and sneaky" for its decision to increase petrol taxes. From November the 10th fuel will cost us all more. The excise will rise, even though it hasn't been approved by Parliament. BILL SHORTEN (EXCERPT): He ambushes Australian motorists; he ambushers the Parliament of Australia and through […]

Interview on The Project, Channel 10

28 October 2014

ROVE MCMANUS: Finance Minister Mathias Cormann joins us now. Mathias, do you think the GST should go up? MATHIAS CORMANN: I think we need to have a mature conversation about tax reform. We have said very clearly when we campaigned to be elected in the lead up to the last election that we would not […]

Interview with Waleed Aly, ABC Radio National

28 October 2014

WALEED ALY: This is about the fuel excise, the amount of tax that we pay just as an inherent part of the price of fuel really. The Government has wanted to increase the fuel excise which was frozen by the Howard Government all those years ago. It cost the Budget a lot of money. Problem […]

Interview with Lyndal Curtis on Capital Hill, ABC News 24

28 October 2014

LYNDAL CURTIS: Welcome to Capital Hill, I am Lyndal Curtis. Now to another Government announcement today, the Automobile Association has called it “sneaky, tricky and gutless”. That’s the Government’s move to get around Parliament for the time being, at least, and use tariff proposals to get an increase in fuel excise indexation. The Finance Minister […]

Interview with David Speers, News Day, Sky News

28 October 2014

ASHLEY GILLON: More now on the Finance Minister's announcement that petrol prices will be rising in a couple of weeks' time. We are taking you live to Canberra now where our Sky News political editor David Speers is speaking with the Senator Mathias Cormann. DAVID SPEERS: Ashley thank you very much for that, Finance Minister […]

Press conference, Implementation arrangements for fuel excise indexation over the next 12 months

28 October 2014

MATHIAS CORMANN: Good morning everyone. The Government has decided to give practical effect to our fuel excise indexation Budget measure by way of tariff proposals which will need to be validated by Parliament within 12 months. That is the same methodology the previous government used to give effect to their increases back in 2008 to […]

Doorstop Interview, Perth

24 October 2014

MATHIAS CORMANN Today we are announcing an important next step in our efforts to lift professional, ethical and educational standards across the financial advice industry. The establishment of a proper, public register of financial advisers will empower investors, it will empower people across Australia saving for their retirement and managing financial risks through life. It […]

Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB

30 September 2014

ALAN JONES Mathias Cormann is the Finance Minister in the Abbott Government and he seems to me to have two big issues on his plate at the moment. One is this amended legislation in relation to financial planners that you are writing to me about. The second is the privatisation of Medibank Private. Just on […]

Interview with Fran Kelly, ABC Radio National

18 August 2014

FRAN KELLY: Mathias Cormann is the Finance Minister. Mathias Cormann, welcome to RN Breakfast. MATHIAS CORMANN: Good morning. FRAN KELLY: Yesterday you and the Prime Minister both spoke hopefully in the same terms of getting the Budget through with an adjustment here and an adjustment there was the quote. What adjustments are you willing to […]

Interview with John McGlue, Drive, 720 ABC Radio

16 July 2014

JOHN MCGLUE Well Finance Minister Mathias Cormann has been looking pretty happy in Canberra today. He's seen off a challenge to his changed on how financial advisers are regulated. Labor, the Greens and the cross benchers had threatened to disallow Senator Cormann's changes but a last minute deal with Clive Palmer no less has saved […]

Interveiw with Lyndal Curtis, Capital Hill, ABC News24

16 July 2014

LYNDAL CURTIS I am joined in the studio now by the Finance Minister Mathias Cormann. Senator Cormann welcome to Capital Hill. MATHIAS CORMANN  Good to be here. LYNDAL CURTIS What other options are on the table if you can't get many of your Budget measures through? MATHIAS CORMANN What is on the table right now […]

Interview with Kieran Gilbert, First Edition, Sky News

16 July 2014

KIERAN GILBERT The carbon tax has survived another day with more debate but no vote on its repeal in the Senate just yet. It is now expected to be scrapped today with Clive Palmer's support. If not today certainly by the end of the week. The Government did however get cross bench support for its […]

Interview with Alison Carabine, ABC Radio National Breakfast

14 July 2014

JAMES CARLETON: Finance Minister Mathias Cormann is in the thick of the action in the Senate and he is speaking with our political editor Alison Carabine. ALISON CARABINE: Mathias Cormann good morning. MATHIAS CORMANN: Good morning. ALISON CARABINE: Minister will it be third time lucky this week? Do you now have the numbers to repeal […]

Interview with Sarah Ferguson, ABC 7.30 Report

1 July 2014

SARAH FERGUSON: Mathias Cormann welcome to 7.30. MATHIAS CORMANN Good to be here. SARAH FERGUSON: Victims of the Commonwealth Bank are asking for a Royal Commission so is your colleague Senator John Williams. Why are you resisting? MATHIAS CORMANN: The Senate Economics Committee conducted a very comprehensive inquiry and they did a very good job […]

Interview with Janine Perrett, Sky News Business

30 June 2014

JANINE PERRETT And now to Canberra where the Federal Minister for Finance Senator Mathias Cormann is standing by to talk about all those things and more. Welcome back to the show Senator. MATHIAS CORMANN Good to be back. JANINE PERRETT Well I must say you must be very busy at the moment. Let’s just have […]

Interview with Chris Uhlmann, ABC AM

27 June 2014

CHRIS UHLMANN: Mathias Cormann is the Finance Minister. Mathias Cormann, will you consider a call for a Royal Commission? MATHIAS CORMANN: Well look the report was tabled late yesterday afternoon. It goes over more than 500 pages and has 61 recommendations. I have started reading it last night. I will carefully consider it and when […]

Interview with Peter Van Onselen, Sky News

26 June 2014

PETER VAN ONSELEN Senator Mathias Cormann is the Finance Minister and also has carriage if you like for financial services and he joins me now live from the nation’s capital. Thanks very much for being there. Can I just ask you off the bat, any chance of a Royal Commission? You guys seem pretty keen […]

Interview with John McGlue, ABC 720

20 June 2014

JOHN MCGLUE: Now this issue has been around for a while, but confirmation today from the Federal Finance Minister Mathias Cormann that the proposed changes to financial advice will go ahead largely as planned and the Minister has today sought to put some clarifications out there around certain issues, including commissions for financial or the […]

Interview with Chris Uhlmann, ABC AM

20 June 2014

CHRIS UHLMANN: The Abbott Government is trying to put an end to the serious doubts that hover over its planned changes to financial advice laws. The rules were strengthened by Labor to try and prevent mum and dad investors being caught in the spectacular collapse of companies like Storm Financial that wiped out billions of […]

Interview with Michelle Grattan, The Conversation

20 June 2014

MICHELLE GRATTAN: Welcome to The Conversation’s politics podcast, I am Michelle Grattan. The Government today has announced some revision of its plan to change Labor’s financial advice legislation. The original proposals ran into a storm of protest with seniors and other consumer critics saying the legislation was being weakened in a way that would advantage […]

Interview with Alan Jones, 2GB Breakfast Show

18 June 2014

ALAN JONES: People get into government with the very best intentions, no one has been more supportive of the Abbott Government than I have because I know the mess that have inherited and they deserve support. You look at the job that Michael Baird has done in New South Wales, we just talked about it. […]

Interview with Cameron Wilson, ABC Radio National – ‘Bush Telegraph’

14 June 2014

CAMERON WILSON: I’m joined now by the Finance Minister, Senator Mathias Cormann. Senator, thank you for joining Bush Telegraph. MATHIAS CORMANN: Good morning. CAMERON WILSON: If the MRRT gets axed or is repealed later in the year as your Government promised to do, what will happen to low income people’s superannuation? MATHIAS CORMANN: As we […]

Interview on Sky News – Australian Agenda

8 June 2014

PETER VAN ONSELEN: Let’s now have a chat to our special guest today, the Finance Minister joining us live out of Perth, Senator Mathias Cormann, thanks very much for your company. MATHIAS CORMANN: Good morning Peter. Good morning to the panel. PETER VAN ONSELEN: There is some suggestion that Australia Post is in some trouble. […]

Interview with Tom Connell, Sky News – Saturday Agenda

3 May 2014

TOM CONNELL: We’re in that awkward in between moment between the Commission of Audit and its report for some pretty significant cuts you would have to say and the Budget, when the Government will likely take perhaps a few of those recommendations. Perhaps a few of them watered down if anything and then reveal exactly […]

Interview with Barrie Cassidy, ABC TV – Insiders

30 March 2014

BARRIE CASSIDY: Our programme guest is the Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, who joins us in the very early hours Perth time.  Good morning Minister.  Thank you. MATHIAS CORMANN: Good morning.  Good to be here. BARRIE CASSIDY: We will start with the financial advice legislation.  You are talking about tweaking the amendments. Is there a chance […]

Interview with Janine Perrett, Sky Business, The Perrett Report

25 March 2014

JANINE PERRETT: Well as if being Finance Minister ahead of a crucial and tough first Budget is not enough on your plate, then your colleague gets in a bit of strife and you add the Assistant Treasurer’s job to that, and that job comes with its own challenges in the form of controversial changes to […]

Interview with Kieran Gilbert, Sky News, AM Agenda

25 March 2014

KIERAN GILBERT: First this morning the Government’s decision to freeze planned changes to laws on the Future of Financial Advice. I spoke to the Finance Minister, Mathias Cormann a bit earlier this morning. I began by asking him does the freeze on these planned changes reflect that the Government got the process wrong. MATHIAS CORMANN: […]

Interview with Simon Lauder, ABC Radio AM

25 March 2014

CHRIS UHLMANN: It’s not a back down or a sign of failure. It’s a pause while more information is gathered. That’s how the Abbott Government is describing its decision to delay controversial changes to financial laws that were to be part of its red tape bonfire. The plan has faced sustained pressure from consumer groups […]

Interview with David Lipson, Sky News, Saturday Agenda

22 March 2014

DAVID LIPSON: There’s growing opposition to the Government’s planned changes to laws governing financial advice, known as FOFA. National Seniors Australia, tradition allies of the Coalition has urged its 200,000 members to lodge objections to the changes. They were put in place after the GFC, and the collapse of Storm Financial to protect you and […]

Interview with Chris Uhlmann, ABC Radio AM

20 March 2014

CHRIS UHLMANN: Senator Mathias Cormann is the Finance Minister and he will pick up the Assistant Treasurer’s duties, good morning. MATHIAS CORMANN: Good morning. CHRIS UHLMANN: Can I just establish which I don’t think are in dispute at the outset. Arthur Sinodinos was Treasurer and then President of the New South Wales Liberal Party, at […]